Why Did I Start my Blog?

“Why did you start a blog?” The long-anticipated question by all bloggers. Starting a blog definitely isn’t an easy process and writing isn’t for everybody. Therefore, when someone starts a blog, people often question why.

Why Did I Start my Blog?

Writing. It’s something that I have loved for as long as I can remember. How you can tell a story just by putting words on paper. To this day, it’s amazing to me. I’ve never been good at expressing what is going on in my head. Through writing it made it easier. When I was sad. I wrote it down. Happy? I wrote it down. Stressed? I wrote it down. Writing things down in a journal was the best way I could think to not bottle everything up. Writing appeals to who I am as a person.

Throughout my childhood years, I would start free blogs that I would write about my friends, pets and family members. The only real readers I had were my immediate family. Eventually I gave up. Until now. As I graduated from high school, I was bombarded with questions of what I would be when I grew up. The answer was, and still is, that I have no idea. But I decided to start a blog to document my life as I transition out of high school, into working 8am-5pm three days a week, to moving into college.

I’m turning my passion into a reality. One of my main goals that I’ve had my entire life is to publish my own book and to become an author. As I’m working toward making that dream a reality, blogging will be a step up.

I hope everyone enjoyed! Tune back in on Friday for the next post!

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