Motivational Monday 1

July 10,2017

Welcome back! So, we all know Mondays are never fun. Trying to come back from the weekend, your body has to readjust to the early mornings for the week, going back to work or school, and so much more. Mondays are hard and I’m going to try and make things better.

Since I myself don’t particularly enjoy Mondays, I decided to create something called “Motivational Monday.” Almost every other Monday, the post will be a quote (in bold) and my thoughts on the quote.

Never stop doing your best just because someone doesn’t give you credit.

This quote for me really hit home. A lot of the time when I accomplish something for the good of others or a group, I don’t receive any credit. Now, that may sound selfish but hear me out. Lets say you worked your butt off on a group project for school so you’d get that A. You do all the work and the rest of your group, whom of which, did nothing to contribute, also get that same grade and get recognized for your work. Doesn’t feel the best, right?

This quote I love because it motivates you to never stop working hard to do well in something. No matter what it is, give it your all! Even if other people sometimes get the credit and praise you deserve.

I hope everyone enjoys and happy Monday! 🙂



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