How I Spend “Me Time”

Everyone knows how important it is to have time to yourself. Whether you’re an extrovert and love being around people, an introvert and tend to keep to yourself or a combination of the two, personal time is good.

I like to describe myself as somewhere between an introvert and an extrovert. It all depends on my mood and how I’m feeling that day. Some days I prefer to stay in my room, light a candle and drink coffee. Some days I prefer to be out and about with my friends. It’s different every day!

On those introverted days when I need “Grace Time”, this is how my activities tend to go…

  • I sleep in… No matter what, if I don’t have to work in the morning I am sleeping in. I value the days I don’t work so much more now than I used to (especially since waking up at 6am is hard!). These days I don’t set an alarm because I tend to naturally wake up by 10am.
  • Coffee is a must… Since I began working 3 days a week and my mornings start at 6am, I can no longer function without coffee (whether I’m going out or not!). Sitting in my office and drinking my coffee while I write out my daily to-do list is the perfect way to wake up. Now, if it’s not a work day I make my coffee in one of my thousands of mugs and listen to some music to wake myself up for the day.
  • Netflix and Write… When I’m alone and have the entire day to myself, writing definitely comes into play. I know shocking! Writing during the day varies from working on a blog post, writing in my journal and working on stories I’ve started. I have also been watching How I Met Your Mother for the second time. If you’re looking for a new show I definitely recommend it!!
  • Longboarding… This one has to be one of my favorite activities to do! Whether I’m alone or with a group of people it doesn’t matter. However, popping in some earbuds and putting on my favorite playlist and boarding just me, myself and I have to be the best way to relax and clear my head.

I hope you all enjoyed the read! Although this is a short list, on those days I don’t usually do much besides that! Don’t forget to check back in!!


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