What I Learned Moving into College

Hello everyone! Thanks for sticking around!

I know posts have been scarce, but now that I have my schedule and routine down I’ll be able to post more again!

Today’s post is going to be about the things I learned after I moved into college. I moved into college on August 19th and classes began on the 28th. Now as someone who absolutely HATES change, moving away from home was very difficult for me and here’s what I learned.

1. You WILL get homesick. 

For some, moving away and out of the house was a dream come true. I’ll admit I was crazy excited to move out and live on my own. However, I also could admit I’d get homesick. Some refuse to think they’ll miss home. But it will happen. So when the homesickness hits, call home. Talk to your parents, siblings, hell I even FaceTimed with my dog. But even when you do start missing home try and stay positive.

2. Be open-minded.

This one kinda stems off of being positive. College is MUCH different than what you think. I can almost guarantee it. Movies, TV shows, and the internet in general makes it seem like a whole other world filled with friends and fun every night of the week. I hate to burst your bubble but that’s not true. Most nights I spend doing homework and studying. Personally I’m still trying to get used to this one. A lot of time spent in college is going to be you studying. Bummer I know.

3. You have to make an effort to make friends. 

Before moving in I heard a million times about how “the people you meet in college are going to be your best friends forever!” Honestly, that’s getting old. I may sound bitter but unless you’re a super outgoing charismatic person, it’s going to be difficult to make friends. Personally, I’m a pretty shy person. I’m an introvert. I’m okay being alone, and at this point I cherish times I’m completely alone (but that’s another topic). But as someone who has a hard time walking up to a stranger and starting a conversation is extremely difficult for me, and I’m still working on it.

4. You’re going to be around people A LOT. 

I am an introvert. I have been my entire life. I love being able to sit alone in my bed and write, watch Netflix, read a book, or whatever I feel like doing! After moving into college I realized that I almost never get to do that anymore. There are some points during the week when nobody is in the dorm because they all have class and THAT is when I get my alone time. You have to work for it. Another way I have alone time is by setting up my hammock. My main piece of advice for this is to make an effort to find secluded places on your campus.

5. Learn how to manage your stress. 

This one I cannot stress (pun not intended) enough!! College is a huge transition and I can guarantee that the first week or two you will be slammed with homework. I personally do not deal with stress well. Never have. However, after moving I have begun to learn how to handle it better. Here are some ways to destress that I recommend!

Take a hot shower, listen to music, draw (even if you can’t!), read, write out how you’re feeling, take a walk, and there are so many others! Find something that works best for you and do that!

I hope you enjoyed! Stay tooned for another post coming soon!



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