College Day in the Life

Hey everyone! Thanks for sticking around!

Today’s post is like the post I did this past summer where I took you all with me through my day as an employee of the State of Michigan. However, this time, I bring you along with me as I maneuver a day* at college.


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I started off my day at 7am. Normally I wouldn’t be up this early in the morning as my classes don’t begin until 11am, but I decided to get an early start on the day. My main reason for this is so I would be able to go to yoga!

Back to the point. I woke up and slowly got ready and eventually made it down to the dining hall for breakfast. Now, I’m not a huge breakfast person but you know what they say, breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Today, I had plain vanilla yogurt with honey, chia seeds and cut up bananas (left). And I must say, it was delicious!

After yoga at 9am, I was very relaxed, anxiety-free and ready to start my day. However, the yawns were coming so I headed over to Starbucks and got a Carmel Macchiato (right). Then, I just hung out and caught up on some work before heading to my 11am class.

Although not pictured, I had two classes today, journalism and philosophy. I enjoy going to both of these classes. This is a great thing when it comes to college. Due to the fact, unlike high school, where you have all of your classes in the same building right after another, I will admit sometimes it becomes very difficult to leave your dorm and head to class. Especially if you dread going to that class!

After classes got over at 1pm, I had just enough time to grab some lunch and drop my bag off before heading to my next activity.

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Today, my friend and I had orientation at the Humane Animal Treatment Society (left) so we could volunteer with animals in the future. Through the HATS club here on campus, college students are able to go to the center and volunteer with both cats and dogs to make sure they are getting exercise as well as love!

After orientation, I headed back to my dorm to hide from the unbearable cold. I threw some laundry in and played Sims 4 (I just got the Cats and Dogs expansion pack) on my laptop (right) until it was done and I had to take care of everything.

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To end the night, my parents drove up to visit me and go out for dinner. The main topics of discussion were my major (as it has yet to be determined) and study abroad opportunities. The three of us went to a sushi restaurant downtown and let me tell you, I was stuffed! Parents and great food was a great way to end my night.

That concludes today’s post as well as a day in my life!

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