How Should you Spend Valentine’s Day?

Ah, the both lovely and dreaded February 14th. The day that emphasizes whether or not you’re single…if you’re like me, you’re definitely on the side of very single and you celebrated Singles Awareness Day.

Today’s post is about ways to celebrate your Valentines Day whether you are single or in a relationship.




“I think it’s very healthy to spend time alone. You need to know how to be alone and not be defined by another person.”

-Oscar Wilde 

  1. Spoil Yourself- One way to have a good time alone on Valentine’s Day is to pamper yourself. Do what makes you happy! Take some time to do the things you don’t normally have time to do. Whether that’s going to workout, journal/write, anything your heart desires!
  2. Binge Netflix- Binge watch your favorite TV show! Watch a movie you haven’t seen before! Invite your single friends over and have a singles Netflix night!
  3. Get excited for February 15 when all the chocolate is extremely on sale!
  4. Catch up on sleep- Sleep in or go to bed early. Cuddle up in bed with a ton of pillows and blankets and get your sleep!
  5. Love yourself- Take some time to love yourself! It’s okay to be single! Enjoy it while it lasts! Make a list of all the reasons why you love yourself and continue to add to it and reread it!


“Don’t be afraid to lose them, because if they truly love you, they won’t go anywhere”

-Steve Harvey

  1. Have a night out- Take a night and go out with your significant other. Spoil each other a little bit! Take time to get dressed up and have a great time together!
  2. Build a fort- I know I know it sounds cheesy but it’s a great and creative way to embrace your inner child! Make a blanket fort, curl up and throw on a movie!
  3. Create an indoor date- This one kinda goes along with the one above, but a cute idea for a date is a picnic. Although it’s February and there’s snow on the ground, you can still have a picnic. Through a comfy blanket on the floor, make a cute dinner, light some candles and binge watch your favorite Netflix show together.
  4. Go for a drive- This one is super simple. But crank up the radio, plug in your aux and play the songs you both know and sing the words together as loud as you can. Just have fun together.
  5. Go for a walk- Although it’s February and a little cold outside, going for a walk and just talk. Look at the beautiful creation around you.

Thanks for reading! Hope you enjoyed and I hope you enjoy your Valentines Day whether you’re single or taken!

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