Benefits of Yoga

Welcome back, everyone! Thanks for sticking around!

I have recently found a new love for doing yoga, so today I will be sharing my top three benefits of doing yoga!


2e0e3214f258a5bae823abe3e7b5d0f0Perfects your Posture… by bending and stretching your back you are able to loosen up your muscles allowing you to have the ability to sit up straighter as well as reduce back pain. The slow controlled movements promote proper spinal alignment.

a-woman-practicing-yoga-on-the-beach.jpgImproved Mental Fitness… when practicing yoga, it helps to improve your mental health. For example, if you are stressed before doing yoga, you may experience your stress practically melt away.

beach-yoga1.jpgAnxiety Relief… Yoga has been found to reduce anxiety and increase brain chemicals that combat depression and anxiety-related disorders. Personally, I have found that after doing yoga, I am much more relaxed and less anxious.

Hope everyone enjoyed!

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