Plan with Me: How I use my Planner

Hey everyone! Welcome back and thanks for sticking around!

Today’s post I am especially excited about! Today’s post is my first ever Plan with Me!!



For my planner, I found a 6-ringed small binder on Amazon. To be more specific, I got the yellow Yibei A5 Planner. Unfortunately, if you were hoping to get the same one, this one is currently out of stock. However, there are tons of other options available.


Above is the monthly view for March. One of the main aspects of my planner is that it is color coded. Each class I am currently taking is a different color and important dates are put in and highlighted the corresponding color. For example, my Journalism class (JRN 102 in the planner) is highlighted in pink.

Things that are not highlighted are things such as appointments, times when I’m hanging out with friends or dates with my boyfriend.


This is the weekly view I use in my planner. These pages are back to back with a Monday start. As you can tell, I transfer the same due dates, both highlighted and not, on this page.  I also use the weekly view to add more details that don’t fit on the monthly calendar.


Overall, I couldn’t function without my planner. There would be many forgotten assignments and dates! Anyone else the same way? Let me know!

I hope everyone enjoyed! Don’t forget to likecomment and subscribe!!


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