Loreal Colorista Review

Hey everyone! Welcome back and thanks for sticking around!

Today’s post is both exciting and unexpected! I will be reviewing L’Oréal Colorista Semi-Permanent Hair Color!! That’s right! I now have purple hair, but we’ll get to that!

I have always wanted to dye my hair. However, it was never a natural color. No, it was purple, I wanted to dye my hair purple. For the longest time that was just a dream, until now. With my dark brown hair, it makes it very difficult to dye my hair in any way unless I were to bleach it which I refused to do. So about a week ago, I went on the hunt for a dye that would work on my dark hair and didn’t require bleaching it.

After reading countless reviews and watching youtube videos I decided to order L’Oréal Colorista Permanent Dye. I ordered one box of burgundy dye from Amazon for $9.94. In my opinion, this was a very reasonable price!


With Amazon Prime, I was able to receive the product in two days. I was stoked and ready to see if this would really turn out! The product came with the dye (duh), a styling brush, instructions, and gloves.

I started by pouring about half of the bottle onto a paper plate (you do not need to mix the dye with conditioner!) and sectioning off the top part of my hair. I soon discovered that using the brush was nearing impossible for me so I switched to simply coating my hair with my hands.

After about 30 minutes I made it through all of my hair. After letting the dye set for 30 minutes, I took a shower and washed it out with shampoo and conditioner as instructed.

After drying my hair I can say that the color turned out much better than I expected! Honestly, I figured it would turn out well or I’d be wearing a hat for a couple weeks.

This dye is great if you have dark hair (they also sell other colors for lighter hair!) and you also want something semi-permanent! The box claims that it will wash out in 4-10 shampoos; stay tuned for an update on how long it lasts!!


Here is the finished product! I love having purple hair!! I highly recommend this product!

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It doesn’t ruin fabric! Any purple that got on the towel I put around my neck or the t-shirt I wore washed out the first time I washed them!

It’s been weeks and there’s still a tint of purple in my hair but I’m not complaining!

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