Why I Hate When Guys Rate Girls

“On a scale of 1-10, how hot is she?”

“She’s like a 6 what do you guys think?”

“Nah man she’s a solid 9! I wouldn’t want to know what she’s up to.”

I can easily say that I do not understand humans.

More recently than ever have I begun to hear guys rating girls using a scale system. 1 being the absolute worst to 10 being supermodel status.

Many times I have heard guys talking to their friends about a girl (or multiple girls) and they will all give a rating. Right off the bat I already don’t understand.

Not only does the entire situation baffle me, it also makes my blood boil.

This is being written because I want to get a message out there. Recently, I was given a “rating”. I am not going to name names however I can confirm that it does not feel good.

I was given the rating of 6.5/10. Now that’s right in the middle, however, everyone wants to think of themselves as a 10, and have others feel the same way. Why else would we wear makeup, buy name brand clothes, and take a million selfies to get the perfect one. I am not saying everyone is like this, but in today’s society, looks are a huge influencer.

The person who gave me this rating is someone who used to be very important to me. Receiving this rating from him felt like a stab to the heart. However, I just brushed it off, besides, why care what other people think?

A few days later, I was talking to him again and he asked his roommate to rate me, as a second opinion. I then received the rating of 9/10.

Let me start off by saying how incredibly demeaning and belittling it is to rate girls based purely off looks. But then again, why care what other people think?

The thing is, everyone walks around saying they don’t care what other people think. In reality, everyone does. Nobody wants a rating but everyone wants a high rating.

Now, a message to the guys who rate girls…

Giving a girl a rating immediately strips her of the status of human and reduces her to a number. The action of telling a girl that she’s whatever number out of 10 is completely inconsiderate to that fact that girls are not objects for you to look at and rate like we’re on show for you.

We do not dress up for you. We do not wear makeup for you. We do not parade around for you.

The act of rating girls needs to end. We are not objects.

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